Debt Helpline is one of the largest providers of debt solutions to everyday Australians.

Debt Helpline assists thousands of people in Australia, each year, to escape debt and take back control of their finances. Why not become one of the many Australian’s to turn their financial situation around and get back to enjoying life again.

For over 10 years we’ve provided fast debt relief for people struggling with more than $8,000 of ‘unsecured debts’. These include credit cards, personal loans, taxes, medical & legal fees, utility bills, Centrelink debts and more.

Once approved for debt relief we can:

  • Design a budget
  • Stop annoying debt collector calls
  • Combine the debts
  • Provide one reduced, easy to manage payment
  • Freeze interest and fees
  • Negotiate with creditors to write-off what you cannot afford

To get started we need a basic understanding of your income, expenses and debts in order to provide you with sound advice. 

During your free phone consultation you can expect us to:

  1. Take the time to understand your situation without judgement.
  2. Design a plan to put you back in control of your finances
  3. Provide an estimate on how much we’ll save you
  4. Let you know how fast you can be debt free
  5. Keep our conversation private and your details confidential

If you are looking for someone to help, a real person who can talk to you about your situation, then take advantage of our free, no-pressure consultation by calling our Debt Helpline now on 1300 802 905.

Alternatively, you may prefer to fill out our callback form and have one of our experienced consultants make that first step for you.